Red hot rookie

David Freese is hot. Plain and simple. This Cardinals’ third baseman happens to be player of the week and I got to meet him.  And I got to shoot him — video that is. Freese was calm, cool and charismatic and probably my favorite St. Louis Cardinal. He is set to grace the cover of ALIVE Magazine this month.

The editor asked me to accompany her to the cover shoot. She wanted some pointers about how to shoot some behind the scenes B-roll.

The studio was amazing. It was a giant loft studio in downtown St. Louis. They had state of the art equipment and software. It was great to be on a professional photo shoot (it felt like I was on location in LA).

The shoot entailed a lot of prep work. I watched how the fashion coordinators frantically got his wardrobe together. The photographer made sure all of the shots were pre-set before Freese got there. The photographer also used a gigantic umbrella to bounce natural light onto the subject.

I know I’m just an intern, but I really felt good today. It was inspiring to be around talented people. I’m even more bound and determined to start my own business.