Better off in the past

It has been rumored for years that Led Zeppelin would do a full-length reunion tour. It seems like that would be a dream come true. Like all great things, it was hard to see them go. But Robert Plant doesn’t plan to join the Zep forces anytime soon. The rumor may be just that — a rumor.

In a recent interview, he said they would not want to dissappoint fans. Maybe he is on to something. And maybe it’s better to leave Led Zeppelin back in their rock realm than to try and recreate the magic with a half-hearted attempt at a would-be comeback. A Led Zeppelin reunion without Plant is not a reunion at all.

However, Robert Plant hasn’t moved far from the spotlight. Props to him and his current success with Alison Krauss. Their collaboration on Raising Sand landed them the 2009 album of the year at the Grammy Awards.

Of course with current technology, Led Zeppelin is right at your fingertips. With literally a few clicks on the Internet, you can pull up several, live Led Zeppelin performances on YouTube. You are instantly transported back to a time when they all were young, John Bohnam was still alive and rock was pure RAWK.

I prefer to remember Led Zeppelin the way they were.