The Bistro supports your local musicians

I finally dragged Nick out for a night of culture. We went to Jazz at the Bistro a few nights ago. A good friend of mine and fellow guitar player, Shaun Robinson was the featured artist. I am always amazed when I see him perform. Although he is an inspiration to me, his playing is a little intimidating. It sure made me go home and practice.

His band was a composite of talented local performers. These artists have played together on and off for several years and always have great chemistry. Once again, they did not disappoint. That particular night, they played some contemporary tunes like Affirmation by George Benson (This is a definite favorite of mine).

With great emotion and feel, they were able to draw the crowd into the music. As for the soloing, they all used their own individualistic style to express themselves.

The Players:
Guitar: Shaun Robinson
Sax: Jason Swagler
Bass: Zebadiah Briskovich
Drums: Miles Vandiver
Piano: Adaron “Pops” Jackson

“The response was overwhelming from friends as well as from the staff of Jazz At The Bistro. It was the highest attended show by a local artist that they have had this year, and more importantly, everyone that attended had a great time. The invitation has been extended by the Bistro management for me to do another show whenever I choose,” said Robinson.

I thoroughly enjoyed the show and can’t wait for the next one. These guys are probably some of the most skilled musicians that St. Louis has to offer. I highly recommend checking them out when ever you can. Hope to see you there.

Support your local musicians!